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  • 1937 Pontiac Six
  • 1937 Pontiac Six
  • 1937 Pontiac Six
  • 1937 Pontiac Six
  • 1937 Pontiac Six
  • 1937 Pontiac Six
  • 1937 Pontiac Six
  • 1937 Pontiac Six
  • 1937 Pontiac Six
  • 1937 Pontiac Six

1937 Pontiac Six "Woodie" Station Wagon

Lot No. 363

Auctioned on Friday, April 26, 2013

Sold for $ 48,400

  • Reported to have sold new to the Wrigley chewing gum family in Chicago, 1937
  • Sold by Wrigley family in 1970 to family mechanic, then to a collection in Arizona in 1983; stayed there until 2013 in dry storage
  • It is said that this rare and interesting “woodie” is one of three known to exist
  • Pontiac is presented as a nearly all-original car with 41,035 miles and fantastic patina
  • One repaint in black, newer top, some wood in the rear has been replaced, seat covers redone in the 1980s
  • Six-cylinder engine with manual transmission

1937 could perhaps be the last year for the true American Classic. It was the final year for such marques as Cord, Auburn, and Duesenberg. The last year for freedom of design with no limitations as we can see in cars from this year and prior; here was no limit to grandeur or cost and as such some of the world’s most interesting cars were produced during this time. Pontiac at the time was a progressive company, keeping up with the times and styling but on a smaller scale relative to their customer base. For 1937 there were many variations produced in sedan, coupe, and convertible sedan formats. Another body style during this time was the Woodie Wagon, often produced by such companies as Cantrell and Hercules. Pontiac offered the option of a Woodie Wagon by Coachbuilder Hercules, later known for their bodies on the Packard Woodies.

This example, chassis # 6CA126061, is said to have sold new to the Wrigley Chewing Gum Family and was ordered as one of only a handful with this very rare and original Hercules Woodie Station Wagon Body. It was delivered to the family new in Chicago in 1937 where it remained until being relocated to their estate in Arizona. It wasn't until 1977 that the car was sold to the Wrigley Family's personal mechanic of many years. His ownership was brief as the car was then passed along to a Mr. Portman of Arizona during 1983. Here it stayed with a reported 41,000 miles for nearly 30 years in dry storage. It wasn't until December of 2012 that this very rare woodie was discovered once more. Upon the vendor's acquisition, this example received a total brake system and fuel system overhaul to put it in order as a driver but remained untouched to preserve the originality that this woodie boasts.

The top and seat covers appear to have been updated in more recent times, but otherwise the cars shows to have only ever had one light re-spray many years ago and retails all of its original wood. Having never been taken apart or languishing in an inappropriate environment, this woodie has retained most of its originality, history and charm.

This is an exceptionally rare opportunity to acquire a very rare pre-war woodie, that is reported to be one of four known to exist today.