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  • 1943-44 Pacific M26 6x6 Armored
  • 1943-44 Pacific M26 6x6 Armored
  • 1943-44 Pacific M26 6x6 Armored
  • 1943-44 Pacific M26 6x6 Armored
  • 1943-44 Pacific M26 6x6 Armored
  • 1943-44 Pacific M26 6x6 Armored
  • 1943-44 Pacific M26 6x6 Armored
  • 1943-44 Pacific M26 6x6 Armored
  • 1943-44 Pacific M26 6x6 Armored
  • 1943-44 Pacific M26 6x6 Armored

1943-44 Pacific M26 6x6 Armored "Dragon Wagon" Tank Recovery Vehicle

Lot No. 171

Auctioned on Saturday, December 8, 2012

Sold for $ 40,000

Manufacturer: Pacific Car & Foundry Co., Seattle, WA
Production Years: 1943-1944
Engine: Hall Scott 440, six-cylinder, 240-hp
Length: 25-feet, 4-inches
Width: 10-feet, 11-inches
Height: 10-feet, 4-inches
Weight: 24.15-tons
Armor: Front: 3/4-inch - Sides, Rear and Top: 1/4-inch
Armament: NONE on this example - Designed to be fitted with one Browning M2 .50 caliber machine gun
Maximum Road Speed: 26-mph
Maximum Gradient: 30-degrees
Fording Depth: 4-feet, 8-inches
Recommended Maximum Towed Load: 45-tons
Crew: Seven
Markings: US 1st Army, 332nd Ordnance Battalion, Vehicle #40


The M26 was an off-road capable armored 6x6 vehicle that was designed for heavy vehicle recovery operations under combat circumstances. The M26 was designed by the Knuckey Truck Co. of San Francisco, but because they could not produce the vehicle in sufficient quantities, Pacific Car & Foundry Co. was made a partner to the production contract and produced the majority of M26s. The vehicle’s transmission had four forward speeds and one reverse speed and was used in connection with a three-speed transfer box that gave the vehicle a total of 12-forward and three-reverse speeds. The M26 had a total of three winches. The first winch was located in the front of the cab and had a capacity of 35,000 pounds. Its primary purpose was recovery of the M26 in case it became stuck. The secondary purpose was recovery of other vehicles if circumstances prohibited use of the rear winches. The two rear winches were mounted behind the cab, and each had a capacity of 60,000 pounds. The M26 was officially rated to retrieve vehicles weighing up to 45-tons. This weight, however, was sometimes exceeded, especially towards the end of the war by the new 46-ton battle tank, the M26 Pershing. The M26 was easily capable of recovering the US Army’s most numerous tank, the M4 Sherman, or even simultaneously recovering two lighter vehicles. The trailer displayed with the M26 is an M15A1, which weighs approximately 21-tons and was rated to carry a load up to 45-tons. The boat seen on the trailer in the photos is not part of this offering.


Please Note: Information regarding these museum display vehicles was provided by the National Military History Center and has not been independently verified by Auctions America by RM ("AA"). As such, AA does not verify, warrant or guarantee any of this information. Prior inspection and research by the buyer is highly encouraged and recommended. ATTENTION: Buyers are responsible for securing transportation and moving/loading of lots. Lot may be left on display indefinitely in the museum free of charge with a signed loan agreement form. Lots are sold as is, where is. Please note this is being sold on "Bill of Sale" only. Please note also the boat is not included with the Trailer. All military vehicles and artifacts offered in this sale are sold "As Is" and "For collector purposes only". These military vehicles and artifacts should never be loaded and/or fired with any ammunition. We make no warranty and/or representations as to the suitability or fitness of these items for use. By purchasing military vehicles and artifacts you hereby and irrevocably waive any and all claims against Auctions America by RM, Inc. and agree to indemnify and hold harmless Auctions America by RM, Inc. from any injuries or death associated with these military vehicles and artifacts. Please note, there may be an associated licensing fee based on the location of licensing, and bidder must satisfy himself as to all licensing and import requirements in his home state or country.