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  • 1963 Morris Mini Minor
  • 1963 Morris Mini Minor
  • 1963 Morris Mini Minor
  • 1963 Morris Mini Minor
  • 1963 Morris Mini Minor

1963 Morris Mini Minor

Lot No. 121

Auctioned on Thursday, August 1, 2013

Sold for $ 2,750

  • 848-cc, 37-hp inline, four-cylinder engine, four-speed manual transmission
  • Inspired by The Beatles’ 1967 single “Penny Lane and Paul McCartney’s penny covered Mini, a British woman had this replica built from pennies her father left her
  • Sliding windows and Smith’s heater
  • Needs total refreshing

Chassis no. MA2S4S181287

848-cc, 37-hp inline OHV four-cylinder engine, four-speed manual transmission, four-wheel independent suspension with rubber springs and four-wheel hydraulic drum brakes. Wheelbase: 80-inches

The release of The Beatles’ single “Penny Lane” in 1967 spawned the creation of a number of “Penny Minis” adorned with pre-decimal British pennies. Reportedly Paul McCartney commissioned two of them himself. This car is not one of those, but is said to have been created by a woman in London whose father, a beggar, had left her 8,000 of the coins. It was imported to Canada by Vancouver, BC, auto dealer Moshe Marienburg and subsequently found its way to Los Angeles.

An early style Mini with sliding windows and a Smiths heater, it has been neglected for many years and would need a thorough cleaning and re-commissioning to be presentable. It carries British registration 443 ECR, issued in Southampton in May 1963.