Auctions America by RM

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Auctions America?

A: A part of the RM Group of Companies, Auctions America is a sister company to RM Sotheby's. Under the leadership of collector car veteran and company President, Donnie Gould, the Auctions America team specializes in the sale of American classics, European sports cars, Detroit muscle, hot rods and customs. Furthermore, automobilia enthusiasts turn to Auctions America for their bench strength in the hobby.

Each year the company hosts an established calendar of events in some of the country's leading automotive destinations, including Fort Lauderdale, Florida; Santa Monica, California; Auburn, Indiana and Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. In addition, the company has carved a reputation as an auction house of choice for the sale of private and estate collections, hosting standalone single-vendor auctions, as well as presenting collections as featured highlights at its established events.

Q: Where is Auctions America headquartered?

A: Auctions America is headquartered at the historic 235-acre Auburn Auction Park in Auburn, Indiana. The Auburn area was once known as the Classic Car Capital of America, and Auctions America's extensive efforts to revitalize the Auburn Auction Park have firmly restored this position.

Auctions America also has regional offices in Stuart, Florida and on the West Coast in Culver City, California.

Q: Who founded Auctions America?

A: Auctions America was formed in 2010 as a subsidiary of RM Sotheby's, the world's largest collector car auction house. The two are separate auction entities, each with its own brand identity, are equipped to seamlessly serve the entire spectrum of the collector car market.

Q: Are collector cars sold by Auctions America?

A: Yes, Auctions America consigns collector cars to a variety of different U.S. events it hosts each year. The company offers a simple fourstep process to provide consignors a personalized and hassle-free selling experience:

  • CONTACT: Contact an Auctions America collector car specialist.
  • DISCUSS: Discuss which automobile(s) are to be sold with a dedicated specialist. This conversation addresses the specifics of the vehicles, the auction venue, recommended auction estimate and the proper documentation needed to effectively market the vehicle(s).
  • AGREE: Agree to Auctions America's terms and conditions of sale.
  • ENJOY: Enjoy the auction. Consignors are encouraged to attend the sale. They are provided with complimentary admission and bidder registration to the event. Once the auction is over and a successful bidder has purchased an automobile, the consignor will receive payment within 20 working days.

    *Please note: In some situations, the transfer of funds to the consignor can exceed 20 banking days. The team at Auctions America will do its best to ensure each consignor receives the proper funds in a timely manner.

Q: What is the process to bid on a car at an Auctions America event?

A: Auctions America offers collectors a range of different ways to purchase a collector car:

  • LOCATE: Bidders can locate lots by searching Auctions America's website or browsing the digital catalog.
  • REGISTER: Register to bid by completing the appropriate bidder registration form, available online.
  • BID: Buyers should bid sufficiently until they have secured the lot. For those unable to attend the auction in person, Auctions America offers a broad range of remote bidding options including Internet, absentee and telephone bidding, and the auction streams live at to provide real-time coverage of the event.
  • PAY: Successful bidders must arrange payment to be received on the first business day following a sale. 
  • PICK UP: Bidders will pick up merchandise and/or arrange transportation for the new vehicle to be delivered on-site or shipped to the destination of the bidder's choice.

Q: How many auctions does Auctions America host a year?

A: Auctions America will host five separate auction events in 2017 in some of the country's leading automotive destinations:

  • March 31-April 2, 2017 Fort Lauderdale, Florida
  • May 11-13, 2017 Auburn Spring, Indiana
  • June 24-25, 2017 Santa Monica, California
  • August 31-September 3, 2017 Auburn Fall, Indiana
  • November 4, 2017 Hilton Head Island, South Carolina

Q: Where are the auction events located in North America?

A: Auctions America is solely focused on the U.S. market and hosts events coast to coast across the country. The company presents established annual events are held in: Fort Lauderdale, Florida; Santa Monica, California; Auburn, Indiana and Hilton Head Island, South Carolina.

Q: How can I purchase tickets to an Auctions America sale?

A: Enthusiasts can purchase tickets to any Auctions America sale at the gate or in advance by calling the Auctions America team at 877.906.2437 or +1 260 927 9797 (outside North America).

Q: What makes Auctions America different from other auction companies?

A: Auctions America's highly trained team of dedicated vehicle specialists provides Auctions America an edge over competitors. With more than 150 years of combined automotive experience, Auctions America has some of the most knowledgeable full-time specialists in the industry. The special attention to detail that Auctions America provides its bidders, consignors and visitors is second to none. The specialist team is supported by a network of other auction professionals who pride themselves on delivering first-class service to provide a memorable experience for enthusiasts and collectors alike.

Q: Does Auctions America only offer vintage or classic vehicles?

A:No, Auctions America also offers select contemporary cars that meet the qualifications of a collectible car. In addition, Auctions America also specializes in the sale of various assorted automobilia as well as, on occasion, collectible motorcycles.

The company has also carved a reputation as an auction house of choice for the sale of private and estate collections. One such collection offered by Auctions America in 2014 was The Littlefield Collection, one of the world's largest and most diverse collections of armored military vehicles, parts and accessories. The two-day auction attracted bidders from 10 countries and posted an impressive $10.24 million in sales with 98 percent of all lots sold.

Q: How is Auctions America steeped in tradition when the company was founded in 2010?

A: Collectively, Auctions America's expert team of specialists provide more than 150 years of experience in buying, selling, racing and restoring collector vehicles. Known as "genuine enthusiasts," Auctions America's specialists are fully immersed in the hobby, making them uniquely qualified to advise on all aspects of the collector car market.

Auctions America is also headquartered at the historic Auburn Auction Park that has been home to more collector car auctions than any other auction venue to date. Through Auctions America's highly trained staff, exciting event locations and experienced partners, the auction company hosts some of the most respected collector car auctions in the country.

Q: Where can a bidder or consigner find more information?

A: To learn more about Auctions America, please visit, find Auctions America on Facebook, or follow Auctions America on Twitter @auctionsamerica. Alternatively, the Auctions America team may be reached toll free at 877.906.2437 or +1 260.927.9797 outside of North America.